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About R2R

Recipes to Reading is a program designed for the young chef and early learner. It supplies word/picture recipes with specific, age appropriate sight words for your child to read along with.

Cooking is a real and practical experience that children enjoy immensely. At their hands, trough planning, exploration and experimentation, even a toddler can create a product for themselves and their family to enjoy.

As a professional educator, I understand that young children learn to read using various strategies – phonics, configuration, context and picture clues. They are also exposed to common sight words that they recognize through constant exposure. For these reasons books for preschoolers contain eye-catching illustrations and repetitive phrases. These attributes enable the child to be an active part of the reading experience. I also recognize the benefit of active learning. Children learn best when they play a part in planning, hands on involvement, and producing something tangible.

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